Girli – Clwb Ifor Bach ★★★★

Pink hair, glittery makeup and feminist anthems, the defining features of any Girli gig. On the 14th of April, I had the pleasure of seeing Girli headline Clwb Ifor Bach (downstairs). Many fans arrived early to queue and meet new people, with some of them at the front having travelled from Bristol due to age restrictions. Saying that Girli does her best to make her shows as accessible for everyone, with this particular show starting at 6pm, to make sure there was enough time for her to meet any under 18 fans after the gig. She even met a couple under 14 fans beforehand, who were too young to get into the venue. Those who did queue saw some interesting sights, such as a man who clearly had too much to drink, flashing the (mostly underage) fans. Despite being no fault of her own, Girli was very apologetic about the incident and got the police involved.

Upon entering the venue, many fans were delighted at the intimacy of the staging, with shouts of ‘she’s going to be right there!’ and ‘oh my God I can literally walk on the stage’. The support was singer LION, who, with only two official releases, already had fans who knew her songs in the audience.

Then, at the early time of 7:30pm Girli hit the stage, jumping straight in with fan favourite, ‘F**k off back to LA’. From the very start, every single person in the venue was jumping and dancing. The topics Girli covers in her songs are of things every young person can relate too, from tracks about love and break-ups to partying with your friends and not taking shit from anyone. The set contained a mixture of songs, with brand new unreleased singles such as ‘Pink’ and ‘Day Month Second’, and much older releases, like ‘Too Much Fun’ and ‘So ya think you can f**k with me do ya?’ Each and every track was fast-paced, upbeat and energetic meaning the intensity of the gig didn’t slip for even a second.  The set ended with her most popular single, ‘Hot Mess’. During the song, Girli got into the crowd and joined in with the dancing, fuelling the fans energy, making for a fantastic big finish.

Words by Lottie Pobjoy.

Image courtesy of JASPER WILKINS of Buzz Magazine. 

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