Haze: ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’

Hailing from the county of Oxfordshire, Haze are another exciting emergence of talent to the scene. Having shared stages with the likes of fan favourites, Shame, Hotel Lux and The Garden, they have no need to shy away in their new single titled ‘Ladz Ladz Ladz’.

Beginning with a catchy cowbell sound, their repetitive guitar twang is tedious. It’s a funky sound, one to get the dance moves out for. In particular at the ongoing rhythm behind a chattering vocal. It’s upbeat and guarantees a boogie when its played live.

Appearing at this year’s Green Man festival I can assure they will go down brilliantly beside a beer, accompanying that twisting of leg dancing to the tune.

Or if you can’t wait until then to hear them try and catch them in London’s Old Blue Last on April 28th, accompanied by the lovely Ugly! Within that week there are in stores for the single launch beginning at Bristol on the 26th and ending with this gig.

The single will have limited availability via CD’s at Rough Trade East Only. But luckily forever able to stream via Soundcloud. Absorb this information so you can fulfil your mind when you’re constantly humming along.

If you need more to listen to, check out their first single ‘Piochitas here‘. A track with a more intimidating bass line/guitar rhythm.

(IMO) If you’re a fan of Bristol band Lice and Yowl I assure you will like the sound of these guys with that contagious guitar sound and somewhat natter of lyricism. Otherwise check them out too! Expand your ears!



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