Gengahr: The Globe, live gig review

On first listen to Gengahr’s second LP ‘Where Wilderness Grows’ back in March, it was evident that the quartet had evolved so eloquently and seemingly effortlessly since their debut album. WWG prevails is in its poignant amourous narratives whilst developing their already exclusive sound.

For their first headline show in Wales, The Globe saw Gengahr’s full tour support, Low Island and Cardiff newcomers SOCK, who are rapidly building momentum.

As the psychedelic intro of ‘This Is How You Love’ starting the show, the opening saw familiar favourites ‘Heroine’ and ‘Before Sunrise’.

As the show proceeded, it became apparent that the band have championed the balance of their guitar driven material with their more wonderous pieces. Even the most delicately put together songs including ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’ and ‘She’s A Witch’, Gengahr’s set prevail with such a strength carried by Felix’s enthralling vocals.

Gengahr posses exquisite material that captivates. As ‘Pull Over (Now)’ filled The Globe, they proved that they’re storytellers of intimacy that has the overwhelming ability to connect on a transcendent level.

With stage invasions and moshpits aplenty, the finale of ‘Carrion’ solidified how Gengahr’s live performances are diverse and mesmerising whilst evoking your wildest emotions.


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