Here’s Goth Babe, the latest in bedroom surf rock.

Introducing the latest in atmospheric surfer rock, here’s Tennessee based musician Goth Babe and his new single Sometimes.

Opening with a summer soaked intro, Griffin Washburn leads us through a journey all about the free thinking enjoyment of music, and the importance of a content mindset, and we ride along with the calming vocals over dusty bedroom pop beats, loud percussion and atmosphere heavy acoustic riffs, with plenty of echo.

Certainly one for the lazy sunday afternoons, or vibrant summer days spent with friends, Goth Babe has spent the last year living “off the grid” in the back of his car, and maybe it’s time for you to get inspired and embrace the oncoming wave of indie surf music.

Listen to Sometimes here:

By Sam Harris

Featured image by Gabrielle De Fontanes.

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