The 1975 return with anthemic pop track, Give Yourself A Try + everything else you need to know

After months of teasing, cryptic social media posts and a 1st June countdown, The 1975 have finally returned. The 1975 have come back with the anthemic pop track, Give Yourself A Try.

The funky pop hit-to-be marks the very first insight into The 1975’s new era- Music For Cars. The indie pop song is filled with ecstatic guitar riffs and beats. It’s electric. The song bursts with a newly found energy. Certain lyrics allude to drug addiction which is soon confirmed in Healy’s interview with DIY.

Many have even been comparing its instrumental music to those of The Strokes or Joy Division. However, it seems to be a more electronic version of such. Rhythmic beats continuously play through the entirety of the track. Give Yourself A Try is a beautiful and powerful comeback which The 1975 curated perfectly.

What you need to know:

• There will be two albums.
• The first album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, the release is rumoured to be October.
• Following will be Notes on a Conditional Form, which is due May 2019.
• The two albums will be a part of the same era, Music For Cars.
• There is said to be no touring this year, it is said the tour will start in January.
• The countdown timer, on their website, was for the release of their music video for Give Yourself A Try.

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