Nova One releases debut EP “Secret Princess”

Nova One released their debut single Your Girl back in April, showcasing the Rhode Island based artist’s talent for capturing a unique vintage atmosphere in the dreamy riffs and soothing vocals while singing about toxic relationships and the romanticism attached to it.

With the release of Secret Princess, the themes of gender, identity, youth and femininity are realised through a “moody 60’s pop lens”. Tracks like Chores especially explores its themes of youth through downhearted progressions and gloomy vocals that’ll put you on an emotional rollercoaster, while other tracks like Where You Are provide the pop that makes the EP such a variety, the atmosphere changes throughout the 6 tracks yet still manages to continue its overarching narrative on the themes, and with some catchy riffs and relatable verses it’s no doubt that this will put Nova One on a creative streak that’ll lead to bigger and better projects.

Listen to the EP here:

Words by Sam Harris

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