Tom Odell Releases New Single And Announces Third Album.

Tom Odell has returned with his first music since his 2015, sophomore album ‘Wrong Crowd’. His comeback single ‘If You Want To Love Somebody’ comes after months of teasing and testing on his part as these past few months have seen Odell play brand new songs in the middle of recent sets, much to the excitement of eagled eyed fans who’ve been progressively been adding videos to youtube the more and more new tracks get played across his summer shows.

‘If You Want To Love Somebody’ comes as a follow up to ‘Wrong Crowd’, a highly commended album (and one of my favourite ever records) saw him become more confident and branch out into a band feel as full time band members on bass, guitar and drums were added, dragging the once timid performer from behind the piano and forcing him to the bright lights of the centre stage. It is this newfound assurance that will no doubt travel with Odell into this new album and era and lead to further experimentation and emotional expression though the next couple years.

The track begins slow and steady with a piano melody, similar to his iconic style noted on the first album, his debut is also reflected in the lyrics, containing a raw emotion that is similarly held in tracks such as ‘Heal’ and ‘Another Love’. However, a bridge forms between the two past albums as the song develops, becoming busier with the introduction of drums, backing vocals, guitar lines and a further improvised piano feel. There’s an evident sense of bigger and better contained within this, a big scale choir and polished, balanced production emphasise the quality of the track and give perfect insight into the album, set to be released later this year.


Odell is pushing himself further than ever before on ‘Jubilee Road’  and raising the bar, taking full credit and responsibility for all writing, singing, producing and performing on the whole project which is based on the fictionalisation of real stories from his old east London home (kept fictional to preserve his former neighbours privacy), it focuses on his relationship with his past girlfriend and the dramas and experiences during his time spent there.

‘Jubilee Road’ is set for release on the 12th of October and is highly anticipated to be one of 2018’s best offerings form an artist who keeps on giving time after time.

Watch the video below:

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