Black Honey announce their long awaited debut

Indie icons, Black Honey, have just announced their debut album. Their highly anticipated debut will be self titled and consist of 11 tracks( as seen below). Black Honey, the album, is due to be released 21st September, aligning with the lead singers birthday.

1. I Only Hurt The Ones I Love
2. Midnight
3. What Happened To You?
4. Bad Friends
5. Blue Romance
6. Crowded City
7. Hello Today
8. Baby
9. Into The Nightmare
10. Dig
11. Just Calling
12. Wasting Time

Alongside their album announcement, the band released a fresh new single & music video for I Only Hurt The Ones I Love.

Tracks such as Bad Friends, Hello Today & Dig have all been previously released and give an exciting hint of what to expect. The band have always been known for their dreamy retro aesthetic which conjures up images of 1950s American motels and hazy summer days; their album artwork entirely fits this aesthetic.

We can’t wait for the release of Black Honey’s album and for everything that follows in their future.

Images courtesy of the bands release pack


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