10 songs to help get you through the summer heat

Now that the summers here to stay, with its unbearable heat and loud neighbours, it’s time to enjoy the season with music that’s perfect for all kinds of summer vibes and atmospheres, so in no particular order, here are 10 tracks that’ll get you through the night, the day, the stuck indoors days and the productive days.

  1. Blond Ambition – Shasta

This sun-soaked track is infused with funk-inspired bass riffs and hollow vocals, creating an echoing atmosphere perfect for speeding up the dragging days, the 70’s style guitar solo fits perfectly between the leading drum sequences and nostalgic percussion, and the subtle progressions fuel the tracks deeper meaning.

  1. Coral Pink – Another Year

Perfect for those indoor days where you just want to make something, or be creative in general, Coral Pink’s Another Year is perfect for those background music vibes, the calming beat paired with the soft vocals lends to the perfect productive day, and even the slow lofi style melodies create a head-bopping atmosphere that’s almost hypnotic.

  1. Münechild – Someday

The subtle effects echoed in the production value along with the repetitiveness of this track creates a song that’s perfect for either evening parties or just general listening, the fast pace of the chord progressions and easy vocals makes Someday a perfect summer bop,

  1. Victor Internet – U GOT MY

If you’re a fan of Rex Orange County, the more sombre Brockhampton tracks, or Tyler, The Creator’s latest record Flower Boy, you’ll love this young musician fast-growing discography, U GOT MY is drenched in a summery atmosphere, with its cheerful and upbeat instrumental mixed with it’s heartfelt lyrics and catchy riffs, Victor’s got your summer covered.

  1. Salvia Palth – Post Traumatic All Night Long

Daniel Johann was just 15 when he recorded these ambitious lofi pop songs in the winter of 2012, and many of these tracks arguably served as the inspiration for many artists of a similar genre in more recent years, with I was all over her being the albums biggest hit.

post traumatic all-night-long is easily one of most eerie tracks on the record, yet it’s atmosphere isn’t so abstract that it can’t be put on a 2018 summer music list, its lethargic vocals and downright depressing mood is almost perfect for summer nights, especially when you’re losing sleep. The album has recently been reissued for vinyl and cassette, I suggest you head over to https://www.facebook.com/SalviaPalth/ and pre-order now.

  1. Sports Team – Kutcher

Is there anything that really needs to be said about this alternative surf rock track? It’s funny, wavey, singable, chock full of summer soaked melodies and progressions, absolutely perfect for the season. Just listen to it.

  1. Matt Champion – Fangs

Brockhampton’s resident cool kid’s solo project includes 2017 track Fangs, showcasing the best of Matt Champion from the unique rap performance to the warming R&B vocals and everything in between. The track was also produced by Brockhamptons own Romil and JOBA.

  1. Enjoy – Productivity Has It Been This Long

Enjoy is the solo project of Wyatt Shears, who you might recognise as one of the identical twins from The Garden. Enjoy’s new record, titled Small Car Big Wheels seems to take all the abstraction from the Garden projects and amplify it by 1000, meaning that each track is a completely new experience drowning in childish Yamaha samples and strange punk influences, including 2 tracks dedicated to animal noises…sounds about right.

Track number 4, titled Productivity Has It Been This Long opens up with this electronic, funk style riff, and continues through the track up until the vinyl scratch, which leads into a more alternative electronic take with vocal driven melodies and clashing drum sequences. This might not seem like a summer track at first, but give it a few goes (including the album) on days where the heat takes over and enjoy.

  1. Yaeji – Drink I’m Sippin On

Arguably one of the most innovative ambient producers, Yaeji blew up last year after Drink I’m Sippin On was featured on 88RISING. The track is smooth, calm, slow, full of nightlife and with an eerie ambience throughout, makes it a perfect evening listen or just a relaxing one. If you’re interested in a faster pace, check out Raingurl.

  1. 88RISING – Midsummer Madness

Midsummer Madness brings together some of the best in their respected scenes right now, Joji, Rich Brian, August 08 and Higher Brothers each bring a unique take to this summer anthem. This strangely emotional, boyband ish type track and mood brings together calming lofi hip hop with Joji’s hook and Brian’s verse, while the Higher Brothers and August 08 infuse the track with trap style elements, making this song basically perfect for the summer.

Along with these ten tracks, here are ten more quick mentions:


Yellow Days – The Way Things Change

Tessa Violet – Crush

Ruru – Another

Goth Babe – Topanga

Victor Internet – Attention

Calva Louise – Getting Closer

Cuco – Dontmakemefallinlove

6 Dogs – OK

Sugar Candy Mountain – 666

Lilbootycall – Sailor Moon

Words by Sam Harris.

Image courtesy of artists social media.

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