More bedroom pop greats – check out Sunday Moon and Tesia

With the frequent rise in independently made bedroom pop, here are two new names to add to your list; Sunday Moon and Tesia.

South Korean based indie band Sunday Moon open up their track Mirrors with a jittery preparation sequence, you can hear the clunk of equipment, a sip of a drink, and then the track opens up with a smooth, reverb soaked indie pop beat that carries throughout the song, mixed with vintage sounding drums under calming vocals and a hypnotic bassline, and then finishes with a voicemail ish sounding finish.

I like this track purely because it captures such a specific atmosphere, which is visually realised through its cover art, it’s almost childish instrumental paired with the downhearted lyrics creates a clash of emotions that carries through the overarching theme of reflection and regretting a situation through hindsight.

Tesia is a Nyc based musician, and showcases her talent through this romance-driven bedroom pop perfection, titled come kick it. For me, the most captivativating element of this track were the vocal melodies and basslines that spice up the track with subtle funk influences that make the song sound like a strong contender for a skate game soundtrack. The guitar solo is pretty slick, and sounds really authentic (which is rare for “bedroom” music), and paired with the effects the vocals seem to just glide over the head bopping instrumental.

Definitely someone to keep your eye on for future releases, Tesia is looking like a well needed original artist on this ever changing scene.

The track also features some pretty cool cover art designed by Elijara, an illustrator who you can find here:

Check out Tesia:

Check out Sunday Moon:

Words by Sam Harris.

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