Ash Palmer- The Only Mod in Manchester EP Review

Performances alongside those that inspired him to pick up the guitar, including Bez of the Happy Mondays and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass, to name a few, are now of second nature to Ash Palmer. With a rising Soundcloud account featuring homegrown material behind him, on Monday the 2nd July Ash Palmer releases his three song EP ‘The Only Mod in Manchester’, in collaboration with The Godlike Highs.

‘I’m slightly pissed’ introduces the opening track ‘Landslide’, first broadcasted on Mod radio, bringing a tainted, sentimental love song an adolescent force. Raspy singing and homespun guitar notes set the tone for ‘The Only Mod in Manchester’, and emits a Mancunian spirit torn at the hands of heartbreak. Despite being of a contrasting mood to his previous work, Ash’s homegrown inspirations are consistently exhibited, and can be compared to that of early Stereophonics. Although each track giving a different story to tell, the similarity between each songs opening is apparent, ultimately giving the EP a prolonged tonality. Regardless of this, Ash’s songwriting cannot be flawed, displayed in the Album title track, his recital of the power of love evokes his ‘Mod’ spirit that evidently accounts for the motivation behind this EP. Ash gives a clear response to the culprit of his heartbreak in the closing track of the EP, exposing a vulnerable state in contrast to the high-spirited sound that is usually associated with his previous work. A harmonious note closes the EP resulting in a somber tone deflating an otherwise lovesick tale told throughout ‘The Only Mod in Manchester’. Ultimately the collaboration is a well written effort regarding song writing, but lacks much direction when separating each song from one another. This results in a prolonged listen but a deserving listen none the less, if given the time to blossom.

‘The Only Mod in Manchester’ by Ash Palmer in collaboration with The Godlike Hughs is released on the 2nd of July.

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