Lower Than Atlantis – Pontypridd

At the beginning of this year, Hertfordshire rock band Lower Than Atlantis set out on a huge intimate tour around the UK. Along the route, the band played the Muni Arts Centre in Pontypridd, a bustling town in the heart of South Wales valleys. The setlist below shows that the majority of songs played came from their 2014 album Lower Than Atlantis. 

The pictures below were taken just before Mike Duce, leader singer came into the crowd and got everyone in the venue involved with acoustic songs. During this, he got the crowd to sit on the floor whilst he also sat and sang to them all. This was a real moment of intimacy as the lead singer was surrounded by his fans and got them to engage in the actual performance. The band also did a good job of getting everyone involved by counting down to the next person who would take the leap and crowd surf. As good as they come, the crowds proved their worth by getting involved and creating a memorable gig and night for all involved.

Setlist below:


  1. Had Enough
  2. Dumb
  3. Emily
  4. Ain’t No Friend
  5. Work for It
  6. Get Over It
  7. Far Q
  8. Another Sad Song
  9. Love Someone Else
  10. Beech Like the Tree
  11. I Would
  12. Words Don’t Come So Easily


  13. English Kids in America
  14.  Here We Go

Photography by Jordan Spear.

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