Bexey’s haunted visuals are changing the alternative rap scene

London’s resident king of “soundcloud” rap has always been in his own lane, and never particularly cared for the come and go trends in the scene, this unique trait of his has fortunately lead to arguably his hardest song yet, cutthroat smile.

The rapper teased his verse on the track in early February this year, and since then has kept fans on their toes for the official release, even through his singles Horror Scope, Villian Tears and OOPS, along with a few verses on Fat Nick’s latest album Generation Numb.

Following in his almost demonic aesthetic, real life gorillaz character Bexey spends the track delivering a vicious verse, with hollowed vocals that pierce through the horror score style production from StereoRyze, (which follows it’s own possessed narrative) the addition of vocals from New Orleans rap duo SuicideBoys certainly bulk up the track with their skillful yet drug fuelled and even drowsy style of delivery, weaving in and out of Bexey’s aggressive hook with their unique take on abstract yet borderline satanic imagery.

I don’t think it’d be too daring to call this track innovative, it’s clearly been in the works all year and it shows, especially while looking at the mesmerizing visuals in the music video directed by the talented Jay Green, and paired with Bexey’s varied vocal style, it certainly qualifies the rapper as a genuine artist and not just a cookie cutter singer trying to be someone else.

Listen to CUTTHROAT SMILE and watch the video here:

Words by Sam Harris.


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