The Best of Wolf Alice

With Wolf Alice set to headline the Radio 1 stage at Reading (Friday) & Leeds (Saturday)  Festival, here’s a countdown of their best songs to date.

11. Blush- Blush is a beautiful number, following alongside are bittersweet lyrics. Ellie Rowsell’s angelic vocals drift delicately throughout the song.

10. Sadboy- Sadboy begins as a soft folk rock as it builds up to an explosive number. The song shows off Wolf Alice’s versatile approach.

9. White Leather – White Leather is a personal favourite of mine. The delicate melody flows wonderfully throughout the song.

8. Don’t Delete The Kisses- Possibly one of the bands most popular tracks to date, DDTK is a angelic and catchy track.

7. Yuk Foo – Having been the first given glimpse into Visions Of A Life, it did not disappoint. Yuk Foo is an aggressive eruption of emotions from both Rowsell’s vocals and the accompanying instruments.

6. Visions Of A Life – Visions Of A Life is the final song on Wolf Alice’s 2nd album. The song is a collective masterpiece which gives you a true taste of Wolf Alice’s music.

5. Moaning Lisa Smile – Moaning Lisa Smile is the band’s most iconic song. Opening with a sudden chaotic thrashing of instruments, the track is a vigorous ballad.

4. Formidable Cool – This incredible song strongly shows off Rowsell’s vocal versatility. Formidable Cool is ,without a doubt, going to become one of their biggest hits.

3. Heavenward- Heavenward is a heavenly song. Ellie Rowsell’s soft yet potent vocals drift through the song.

2. You’re A Germ- You’re A Germ comes from Wolf Alice’s debut album, My Love Is Cool. The track is a ferocious whirlwind and lives up to its high expectations when played live.

1. Giant Peach – Giant Peach is a hit single with a monstrous breakdown. The band often end their sets with this track.


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