Karkosa – Red Hoodie

Fresh from their debut UK tour earlier in the year, Birmingham five-piece Karkosa, recently released their highly anticipated single ‘Red Hoodie’. Despite being the new kids on the block, Karkosa have gained quite the reputation, picking up multiple plays on BBC Introducing Birmingham and high praise from Radio DJ Steve Kelly.

Karkosa’s melodic ‘Red Hoodie’ is an adolescent anthem beginning with an upbeat confession to their youth, riddled with crisp guitar notes, that set the sound for the single. Progressing to the chorus, guest vocals from Isabelle Smith infiltrate ‘Red Hoodie’ with a sound that allows Karkosa to stray away from the rapidly growing simplicity present in the mainstream Indie Charts, that they have said to be their source of inspiration. Unlike many other bands, however, Karkosa fail to become copies of said simplicity, and are instead becoming a product of their own creativity. Karkosa’s new single replenishes the scene with honeyed vocals that are teamed with lyrics written to be sung by masses of tipsy teens. Their intentions of success are clearly expressed in their newest single, and rightly so, with such a strong single being produced at such an early, pivotal stage in the band’s career, they are sure to keep warm at the top, in their Red Hoodie.

Words by Victoria Attridge-Smith

You can listen to Red Hoodie on Spotify now : https://open.spotify.com/track/6jgaHVMMP5pxGSzwsRVJNf?si=Yxs3ZcnaRlusjwVVODRG3Q


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