Introducing False Heads: Interview and EP

Forming in 2016 and hailing all the way from East London, False Heads have caught the attention of Punk legend Iggy Pop and even supported The Libertines on a chaotic sold-out tour. Lottie chats to the band ahead of their ep release on the 21st September. 

How did the band meet/get together?

    We all knew each other from school, played in various bands and jammed together in various points of our lives. Barney and Jake played in the same football team and then we all went off to uni, I was trying to get a band under the name of False Heads going and it just wasn’t working, it was just me and Jake looking for a drummer and we called Barney smashed, he’d just moved back to East London and it just fell into place within one rehearsal, it felt special.

Considering you’ve only been a band for a few years you’ve received loads of attention, such as praise from Iggy Pop and supporting The Libertines. How does it feel to be getting all this support?

       It feels incredible, they are some of our heroes, so it’s an amazing feeling. The Stooges ‘Raw Power’ was one of the first punk albums I fell in love with and at school, if you weren’t a chav you listened to the Libertines, so it’s when something happens like that, that connects to something you would never even conceive possible at 15, it’s a strange feeling. At 15, listening to Raw Power and Up the Bracket, Iggy Pop was just a legend, a myth almost and Pete Doherty was one of the most famous people in the UK, so it’s surreal but you do get used to it, and you realise that you’ve worked hard to get where you are and it’s brilliant to be honoured and supported by those people.

Where do you get your inspiration from, both lyrically and musically? Are they separate processes or do they go hand in hand? Is it a joint effort or does someone take the lead?

       They’re sometimes separate and sometimes they go hand in hand. I’m always writing something or other, things have annoyed me, made me miserable, made me happy, made me apathetic or something I want to mock and be sarcastic about. So, that will intertwine, I also like playing with rhyming schemes – I think the right rhymes make songs flow really well. Generally, I’ll write the basis of the song and take it to practice and we jam on it and put ideas in the pot and it’ll come out decent (hopefully) on the other end, Barney does have his own vocal sound and parts in the songs as well which is what makes our sound, so he will write vocal parts as well as me. Barney sometimes brings stuff to practice and we jam on it and turn it into a song and so does Jake, so even though overall it’ll be me taking that lead, it changes and that’s healthy and also keeps the sounds changing and evolving.

Favourite gig you’ve ever played and why?

So hard to choose from Dingwalls, supporting the Libertines and QOTSA but I would say A Peaceful Noise supporting Josh Homme. We’re very close friends with Zoe who is one of the most inspiring human beings I’ve ever met, absolutely beautiful soul, and opening her night and supporting Josh Homme was just an extremely emotional moment in my life and to be a part of something so good against something so evil is an honour. (please give to the Nick Alexander Memorial Trust):

Link is here —

Best band you’ve ever been to?

Radiohead at Bilbao Festival. Ridiculous.

You’ve got an EP coming on in September, and I’ve seen you mentioned there’s a possibility of an album, would that be something in the near future?

Yes, next year we’re looking at. We’re already thinking about what songs are going to go on it and we’re writing and writing. So, look forward to it next year, probably late next year but next year nevertheless. We might do something in between this EP and the album, we’re not 100 per cent yet. There’s plenty of new music coming your way though.

You have a pretty huge UK tour coming up, which cities are you most looking forward to playing in?

We’ve never played in Dublin or Galway before so that should be interesting. We’ve never played in Germany so we’re looking forward to Hamburg and we can’t wait to return to Paris either, we got a great response last time and the promoter Malina is incredible, she’s what promoters should inspire to be. Manchester, London (Dingwalls was insane last time so we’re hoping to out-do it) I mean, to be honest, we’re looking forward to the whole tour, and you never know what show is going to be incredible and what isn’t really. Bring it all on.

You’ve also been massively praised in reviews as one of the best live bands on the scene. What do you think makes your live shows so memorable?

It’s intense and it’s high energy, and yeah it is sometimes full of antics that end up with a split forehead or me jumping on a drum kit and destruction but I think more than that, it’s three people getting completely lost in the music they’ve made and created an energy in a room where people can get lost in it as well. That’s why I think we create something live that sticks in people’s minds, it’s an intense energy that we lose ourselves in and other people can as well.

If you could tour with any band/artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Rage Against the Machine in the early 90s. Just imagine that as a tour man.

Thank you for having us.




False Heads new Ep, ‘Less Is Better’ is out on the 21st of September. The Ep on a whole is punchier than previous tracks. It features the already popular single ‘Retina’ as well as three new tracks. My personal favourite on the Ep is ‘Wrap up’. It has everything a great song should have and more, with fast-paced riffs, funky bass lines and crisp vocals. The first single ‘Yellow’ is being released this Friday. Clear punk influences and an energetic catchy tune, it’s a great indicator for what’s to come. Video directed by Brigi Poti-Szaszfai. 


Catch False Heads in their element at a live show this September/October. Tickets available here:


Words by Lottie Pobjoy. 

Featured image by Rob Hurst.

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