Lacuna Bloome ‘I am’ bringing the sounds back home

Dowsed in the retrospective sunshine of the likes of The Stone Roses and Oasis are Brighton four-piece Lacuna Bloome. Their latest single ‘I Am’ has been met with a music video that captures the glory of their Britpop sensibilities and their gilded youth. With incongruous shots of the band jamming in forests and fields, their patterned shirts, skinny jeans – not to mention the bass players incredible blue hair, pink dress and signature Docs – flamboyant against their surroundings. The psychedelic filters used at the end of the video really accentuate the dizziness of the joy ‘I Am’ incites. Lacuna Bloome have a headlining tour coming up with This Feeling with even more tour news coming up in the near future. Keep an eye out on their social media.

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Lacuna Bloome[9156]

Words by Sophie Walker.

Press Shots by Ami Ford

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