Introducing … Joe Thompson

Aye, millennials – killing industries, increasing rent and buying avocados in abundance. Aye, millennials – voting, protesting and quite frankly, changing the world. Joe Thompson is plainly one of the latter, as he is presently sitting pretty in between identifying as either a politico or a popstar. Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – the West-Yorkshire warbler currently only has three songs to his name, but he is undoubtedly resting on the periphery of potential, showing no signs of abating.

His latest single is a DIY doozy; Torn Down Poster For A Missing Dog plays the game of mortality maths, mulls over mental health and drops subtle but scathing attacks on the omission of sympathy across social media, the most notable being ‘my cry for help has been left on read’. Wasteman explores the etymology of the slang term; by reversing its traditional use, Thompson carries out an examination of his mental state, comprised of a train of thoughts, dominated by a thinly veiled layer of self deprecation. Elsewhere, he studies semiotics and contemplates a dream of a bollocks-free, Brexit-free utopia through a macro lens on Red, White and Blue, as he brandishes his lyrics at the bigots with ‘lions on their chests and ideas in their heads’.

Thompson takes a scattershot approach to his craft, gathering and dropping samples in, just like a giddy kid sorting through a selection of pick and mix in a candy store. His creativity often topples over the transparency of his lyrics, but his brethren of bedroom producers often follow the same formula, oscillating between establishing their own sound and reaching past their own scope. Thompson, however, albeit somewhat skittish, consistently delivers with a woozy pop bounce, working with earworms that spring to life out of an underlying anguish about the state of current affairs.

It may be easy enough to only say that you should be the change you want to see in the world, but Joe Thompson has plastered that cliché onto his sleeve, by continuing to create calm within the chaos, one track at a time.


Similar to: Declan McKenna, Will Joseph Cook, Jamie T
Essential track: Torn Down Poster For A Missing Dog

Words – Sophie Williams
Twitter – fluorescentsoph

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