Introducing: No hot Ashes + interview

Hailing from Manchester are indie funk quartet, No Hot Ashes. Prior to their headline set at The Boileroom, Guildford, Abi managed to briefly catch up with them. 

How did the band come about? 
“Well we started in high school really, knocking about, and then we were just kinda mates for a while we all played. And then about 2014 we released the first proper song, I mean we fell into each other didn’t we? We could all play instruments & we were all together at that time. We had nothing else to do”

Favourite song to play live?
“Smooth has become a bit of a favourite amongst all of us, all the other songs are a bit complicated. Any of the easy ones, any of the ones that sound a bit easy, they’re our favourites.”

If you could tour with any artist, who would it be?
Referencing the support “Soda Cat I’d tour with them. We would love Chic, Nile Rogers, any of the old ones, George Clinton- any of the old funk players. Bootsy Collins.”
What’s your favourite venue to play ?
“This’ll (Boilerroom- Guildford) be a good one, tonight. We’ve got a lot of favourite places to play, where we come from ,Manchester, there’s a place that got shut down called Sound Control. The flapper in Birmingham got shut down too. There’s loads of place everywhere.”
Do you have any pregig rituals?
“Well we’ve started to try to get into one really, we just all get really hyped and knock each other about. Stick on a bit of 70s funk (try get some tunes on). It’s not particularly ritualistic either it’s just if we get the time. We get a bit excited when we stay in hotels as well. yeah in hotels we get all ritualistic-  chicken beheading and all that shit”

Where do you get music inspiration?
“Everywhere and anywhere. We’ve kinda of always said this but there’s nothing we steal it from particularly. We’ve all always liked 70s 80s funk. I mean everything we here from chart music through to the weirdest stuff like Sodacat. We’ll just all take it from whatever we can find and we all listen to different kinds of shit”
“We pick out something we like in any music”
Favourite bands in Manchesters music scene right now?
“We like The Blinders, The Blinders are our mates- Spring King we’re a big fan of them. To be honest it’s hard because there’s not a scene as such, everyone’s just trying their best (all doing their own thing)”
How has the tour been so far?
“Tiring, very very tiring. (It’s just getting started). Yeah it’s been fun. Yeah we have a lot of fun at the actual gigs but there’s so much travelling. We’re all in between a lot of things like jobs and girlfriends and money and bank accounts. It’s nice seeing new cities as well like going to new places.”

Try catch them at one of their upcoming tour dates!


Words by Abi 

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