The New Consistent: The New Consistent (Prod. Ozzy)


The New Consistent is the latest music project of 18-year-old Ben Ramsay. Hailing from Worcester he first got in touch with me about 18 months ago with some rough demos which showed promise, but which were vocal-free. But since then he’s found something of a mentor in Swim Deep’s Austin Williams with Ozzy producing and featuring on Ben’s first single, also called The New Consistent.

It’s a partnership that works and has given Ben the confidence to step forward on vocals, taking a spoken word approach that effortlessly complements his evident musical ability. With a half sung, half spoken chorus the track is surprisingly uplifting despite lyrics that point to deeper and darker thoughts. With Ozzy returning after a hiatus with his own Swim Deep it’s nevertheless a partnership that set to continue with the two working on a debut EP due this December.

Photo: Andrew Busby
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