EP review: Pip Blom – Paycheck

So last year we witnessed the rise of the Amsterdam based indie rock quartet Pip Blom, with a stream of fuzzy singles and wirey music videos that has catapulted the band into supporting bands like Franz Ferdinand and Garbage on tour, being nominated by the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards in rock, and gaining heavy press and radio coverage, including an encouraging  article in the Rolling Stone.

(check out last year’s “Babies Are A Lie”)

Early May and late September saw the releases of ‘Pussy Cat’ and ‘Come Home’, two tracks teasing the release of their new EP Paycheck, and man did it get fans hyped. These tracks are infectious, with a snarling vocal performance on both tracks blended perfectly with gut-twisting, post punk instrumentals conflicting with these tiny elements of indie pop that perfectly spice up the young singers music.

There’s really only one way to describe this EP, it’s so effortlessly cool that no words can really make up for it, it’s opener, ‘The Shed’, sets the tone with a string of mellow vocals weaving inbetween a piercing instrumental, with five star riffs and heavy percussion that clicks the repeat button for you. ‘Hours’, the fourth and final track, is a stripped back banger with an emphasis on a lofi sound, hearing the crackle of the instruments and the subtle feedback from the microphone creates a warm atmosphere that greets it’s listeners with a goodbye, sadly confirming that yes, the EP is sadly over now.

Check out the EP here:

Words – Sam Harris.

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