It’s a gloriously sunny Sunday in London as I sit down to check out the debut EP from Birmingham quartet RISCAS, having caught their energetic live performance at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen a week or so ago. But with the window wide open there’s a distinct chill in the air, that means that try as I might like to cling on to the last of summer I’d have to be at my most defiant to deny the fact that winter is coming.

And that sense of defiance perhaps encapsulates the mood on RISCAS’ tropically tinged Calypso EP, perhaps best caught in some of the lyrics to the EP’s fourth track “Calypso” from which the EP draws its name: “It’s summertime even when there’s snow outside” insists singer George Maycock, even while he contemplates jumping on a plane “just to see the sunshine”. Like The Beach Boy, RISCAS yearn for an endless summer.

Still only two years in as a going concern the Calypso EP sees RISCAS’ kicking things up a gear from the early promise of their indie banger “Panic Like Tom” which put them in the spotlight last year. It’s a strong set of songs from opener “Complex” through relentlessly upbeat “Hide Away”, and which like the beat that comes in on “Dance” should see the band too “get bigger and bigger”.


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