Single review: King Nun – ‘Greasy Hotel’

It’s no exaggeration to say that King Nun are on the precipice of being one of the greatest bands to emerge for years.

The word ‘great’ is often thrown about recklessly; it’s a catch-all term that sticks to musical brilliance and mounting achievements. King Nun, with an upcoming UK headline tour and a forthcoming debut EP ‘I Have Love’ released under the pop powerhouse Dirty Hit, are already great in their own right. What separates King Nun from the rest is far more than that: they refuse to shy away from what’s important, unafraid to use their influence to boldly speak out about issues close their – and what should be close to our – hearts. The penultimate track on ‘I Have Love’ is ‘Greasy Hotel’: a song written in a confrontation with the unsolicited groping of women at gigs after they came face-to-face with it at one of their own.

“‘Greasy Hotel’ was written after we were told a girl had been grabbed during one of our shows.” Songwriter Theo Polyzoides said. “This was made worse by the fact the guy reporting it said she shouldn’t be there if she was concerned about this happening. I felt so angry and guilty I didn’t know what to do with myself. This was the first time we’d experienced anything like this and it was definitely an eye-opening experience or us. I wrote the first version of the song in a couple of minutes. We wanted the lyrics in the chorus to stand out and I felt it was important for the audience to hear ‘Take your hands off of her’ mid-set. The song serves as a reminder of our stance on this, as well as helping to vent on what I feel is a really important issue.” In contrast to the gravitas of such a grave subject-matter, ‘Greasy Hotel’ has a lilting tune. Its sonic optimism gives it an irony that hits home the trauma twice as hard.

King Nun rightly focus on making ‘Greasy Hotel’ an anthem: a chant-worthy track that will have an inescapable message at their performances. There’s no doubt, ‘Greasy Hotel’ will be a staple for the setlist.

Words by Sophie Walker. 

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