Single review: Mint – ‘Nothing Seems to Get Me High’

Mint have a sound steeped in hedonism; their statement of intent: “we make music to make you kiss strangers.” Driven by instinct and ingenuity in creating anthemic indie-rock sounds, the four-piece have conquered their hometown of Grimsby and demand national acclaim.

Their latest single, ‘Nothing Seems to Get Me High’ was crowned Radio 1’s Record of The Night; it’s a decisive bolt in a new, altogether darker direction. ‘Nothing Seems to Get Me High’ is a filthy juggernaut of a track. Frenzied instrumentation mangles with vocal distortion: the offering is razor-sharp and gloriously rough around the edges. This is what Mint have always been teetering on the precipice of, threatening to throw themselves wholeheartedly into a morass of more vicious, splenetic sounds. It is on this track that they are at their most unforgettable; it’s a necessary move in affirming an identity that fits them like a glove.


Words by Sophie Walker. 

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