Bedroom High Club: Heather

Bedroom High Club have been on my radar for over a year or so – put there by avid new music enthusiast Martin Clark. I’ve still to see them live, having missed one of their all too rare forays to London. But Martin has made up for that, seeing them no less than 32 times since chancing upon them one Sunday evening last June at a free gig in Sheffield.

Earlier tracks from the Barnsley four-piece have seen them grace the charts on Amazing Radio and pick up plays from BBC Introducing but “Heather” marks the bands first official single which was released at midnight today. And it was worth staying up for this instantly catchy release, reminiscent of The Kooks, from the self-proclaimed “new age indie” band. Nice music for nice people indeed.

All still in their teens Bedroom High Club are Mitchell Brownlie on lead vocals/guitar, Ellis Powers on drums, James Ardon on bass and Lewis Gelder on guitar. There’s another chance to see them live supporting Henderson at The Forum in Sheffield on 30 November. Which will surely be gig number 33 for Martin.

Image courtesy of the bands Facebook. 

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