New Single – Crewel Intentions, ‘Youth In Overload’

Words by Joe Bulger (@notjoebulger)

Chilli Jesson’s Crewel Intentions have announced details of their debut track. The one-time Palma Violet has this week revealed new single ‘Youth In Overload’. It’s the first offering from Chilli’s cryptic new project. Already a household name with denizens South of the River, not much is known about the group outside of a handful of low profile London shows which have prompted excitable chatter amongst punters and critics alike.

The song itself is reminiscent of a grandiose pop opera; theatrical and exuberant but never to the point of pretentiousness, it’s a magnificent return to form for the former Violet – fans of the rambunctious pub-rockers ought to feel right at home.

It’s accompanied by a wistfully nostalgic music video, in which Chilli adopts the role of seductive indie crooner à la Nick Cave, jerking and flailing wildly in a manner befitting Michael Jackson and Jarvis Cocker in equal measure. Time away from the spotlight clearly hasn’t dampened the singer’s interminable energy…

The band headline London’s Electrowerkz on November 21st and are slated to support Johnny Marr on tour across the UK earlier the same month. Find the full list of upcoming dates here.

Watch ‘Youth In Overload’ below:



Featured image courtesy of Patrick Krause (@patakskrause)

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