Single review : deafpony – ‘Better Way’


Emerging from the depths of South London, four-piece ‘deafpony’ are not yet a household name, but through the release of their glimmering new single, ‘Better Way’, this is destined to change.

Influences that range from Turnover all the way to Bombay Bicycle Club mean that ‘deafpony’ do not conform to a genre. ‘deafpony’ are instead conjuring a storm through their genre-fluid outlook, displayed through their newest single. The Londoners open their new single with psychedelic tones partnered with rhythmic guitar strings that infiltrate ‘Better Way’ with a youthful ’emo’ glow. Soft notes and poignant lyric work mean ‘Better Way’ seeks hostage in a melodic surrounding. ‘deafpony’, however, are reclaiming the word ’emo’, drenching the taboo genre in glamour, for long car rides, heartbreak anthems and most importantly “to get you sad and stuff”.  ‘Better Way’ is a solidified product of craftsmanship, emerging from an otherwise silent London scene.

Words by Victoria Attridge-Smith

‘Better Way’ is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music, as well as to download from Bandcamp and Itunes. Listen on Spotify here :

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