Album Review: ‘ACTIVE’ by Redlight


ACTIVE – Redlight

It’s no secret that producer Redlight pushes boundaries.

Having served us sounds under multiple aliases, his career was birthed from his passion of Bristol’s 90’s rave scene. The Lobster Boy powerhouse has since produced beloved works that has cemented him the title as a visionary. Following the release of ‘Templates, Vol 1’ in 2016, Redlight has steadily dropped underground anthems including banger ‘New Flows’, where the longing for a full-length grew ever greater.

After teasing material from ‘ACTIVE’ throughout his sets in 2018, the LP is finally here; where Redlight has produced a stomping ten-tracker that boasts dynamism throughout.  

Opening with his freshest release ‘Get Wavey’, the infamous vocals synonymous to Redlight have returned which sets the benchmark for an eclectic album. With a selection of the tracks having been in the club circulation for some time, listening to them consecutively has given them a whole new lease of life. ‘So Nice (feat Asabe)’ and carnival shaker ‘Zum Zum (feat Sweetie Irie)’ both sit triumphantly as prominent party-starters. 

‘Seasons (feat Karen Harding)’ displays pleasing classic house structures laced with soaring vocals, where from then on, the album is an exploration of sub-genres that flips the predictable on its head. From the gritty grime number of ‘Everyday (feat Lisa Mercedez)’ to ‘Missing (feat Ets)’ that delves into tech-house beats, underpinning them all are timeless qualities with a contemporary flair.

With the second instalment of Asabe, ‘Bags’ is arguably Redlight’s best track to date (you heard it here first). With the quite frankly damaging bass paired with Asabe’s fierce delivery, it’s an obliterating example of why the producer continues to be a pioneer. A thrilling surprise towards the back-end of the album is the collaboration with Dread MC (‘Crazy’), where longstanding fans will rejoice with the two’s union again.

Shredding off with the whopping ‘Ride That Thing’, ‘ACTIVE’ is an album dripping with diversity that’s set to take over the winter sound systems with blistering force.

‘ACTIVE’ is now available across most platforms.

Image courtesy of Redlight social media.

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