EP REVIEW / INTERVIEW: Introducing Sheffield’s alternative emo-punks, Midnight Son

The debut, three-track release from Steel City emo’s, Midnight Son (Thomas Holland – lead vocals, Robert Leake – bass, Chris Leake – guitar, Charles Fitzgerald – guitar/vocals, Alex Pullen – drums), is a blistering, cutting-edge effort – jam-packed with a perfect balance of  punchy grit and dreamy tranquility that’ll leave you wanting more and more after every listen. If you’re a fan of bands like Basement, Superheaven, Title Fight and Bloody Knees, these guys are for you. Providing a genre-splicing sound of shoegaze, emo and alternative rock, Midnight Son are really onto something special.

The EP opens with the prior-released “Twisted Together“, a pulsating track that ripples into a ferocious climax of soaring guitars and heartfelt vocal deliveries. Twisting (haha) and turning into an array of catchy hooks and a chorus that’ll run circles around your head (“I used to believe that I would never get over it, over it, yeah I need to snap out of it, out of it“), the track is a thoroughly enjoyable listen that flurries from strength to strength effortlessly as it goes on. The track was described by BBC Introducing Sheffield’s Christian Carlisle a “contender for track of the year”. I’d strongly agree.

Mindless” sees a darker yet more uptempo side to the band, as they go from wailing shoegaze guitars to biting chord progressions and enthralling percussion. This track is a lot of fun from start to finish – something that I think would reflect EVEN  more so in a live setting.

The EP concludes with easily my favourite of the three tracks, “Blue Moon” a bittersweet track riddled with emotionally powerful vocals and euphoric, fuzzy instrumentation that really exemplifies the talent these dudes possess as well as a sheer amount of potential that could easily push them to be the next big alternative band to come out of the UK.

As far as debut releases go, this is really brilliant. It’s refreshing, it’s exciting, and it’s something I really wanna hear more of. Midnight Sonare a band who truly deserve to be playing shows all over the UK.

First of all, tell me a little about yourself, your role in the band and how the band came to be?

Chris: I play the guitar and started the project in 2016. I’d been writing tracks on my own without any real purpose, but knew that I wanted to form something and I wanted to call it Midnight son. It got to the point where I needed more creative input to really drive the tracks on. The band formed fully in 2017 from friends, family and members of previous projects. We spent pretty much the whole year writing and evolving our sound into something we were all happy with.

What were some of the main bands/artists you were all listening to during the writing and recording process?

Chris: We’re all into so many different things, it’s hard to pin it down. I was listening to a lot of new wave alt-rock bands; Basement, Citizen, Run for Cover Records etc. I know Charles was listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr and early Placebo, but a lot of the inspiration came from the more unknown gems hidden in all the weird subgenera of Remo and alt-rock.

Where were the tracks recorded? Did you bring in any producers etc or was it all done independently?

Chris: The tracks were engineered and produced by Bob Cooper at his studio in Leeds. I’d worked with Bob on a past project and knew his work ethic would be perfect for us. Bob has the ability to sit back and let your creativity flow, but at the same time is always there with a positive helping hand or suggestion. I can’t see us working with anyone else right now!

Could you briefly explain some of the contexts behind the lyrical content?

Tom: I wrote ‘Twisted Together’ maybe a year ago. I remember going through a pretty rough few months around that time. “And now Hell kinda looks tempting from up here” sums up my feelings at the time perfectly. A battle within myself was happening and I wanted to release that from my mind somehow. For me, writing has always been my outlet. A place I can express things I wouldn’t in regular day to day life. I’m a big fan of letting people make what they want of the lyrics as I’ve always done this listening to my favourite bands.

How was your debut show? What’s next for the band?

Chris: The show was sick, better than any of us could have expected. To have most of the crowd singing our lyrics back to us was rad. We’ve got more gigs to announce before the end of the year and a new single already recorded. Keep your eyes on everything Midnight Son.

Dream support slot?

MS: Rush, Jimmy Eat World, Dinosaur Jr, Hybrid era Linkin Park. 


You heard the man, keep your eyes peeled on everything Midnight Son. Would like to thank the band for their time and kindness, all the best lads!

EMAIL: midnightsonuk@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/midnightsonuk

INSTAGRAM: @midnightsonuk

TWITTER: @midnightsonuk

BANDCAMP: https://midnightsonuk.bandcamp.com/releases


Words by Ben Davies



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