Parish, Modern Talk! EP review.

Almost a year since Parish released music the band have returned with a rightful rendition of themselves. As a four piece based in Cardiff, they have managed to play most venues with support slots like with fellow friends Al Moses headlining Clwb Ifor Bach last year. Though they have been plugging away with smaller gigs over the year, this concludes why working under the radar pays off. Following the release of their debut EP last December ‘Might As Well Tell Her Now’, this four-track EP is long awaited.

‘’Nothings Going To Die’’ is a heavy bass track alerting you at first with catchy guitar playing. Throughout the bass is dominantly leading the ambience of the song and with the lyricism expressed in the title, it is almost uplifting. The bass deepens with a lighthearted guitar chime behind the higher vocals, then a final build up. It is a solid first song and makes way for the Parish cliche.

‘’Watercolour Dream’’ is an acoustic number with loving, melancholy lyrics from the start. Met with the sustainable sound of bass, eventual tapping drum sounds and continuation of chiming guitar chords. It is lyrically letting go of a love story which noticeably breaks through by the softest ‘woah-oh’. Definitely one to potentially relate to with teary eyes.

‘’Happy Hour’’ is instantly a recognisable one if you have seen Parish live before, the catchy guitar from the beginning brings you into that suave dancing you never thought you had in you. In reflection of the title and a Housemartins’ classic, explanation of feeling lost and being ‘Nobodys Hero’, until the time the clock turns. By the time of a guitar solo and repetitive bassy drumming, the song wails into what would be a great chance to express your ‘Happy Hour’.

‘Rain’ is the final track beginning steadily with delicately chosen guitar and being met with the rest of the melody. Slowly the song builds up with the break of that guitar sound which when you hear, you’ll recognise the signature Parish sound. Along with the theme of damaging love stories in a way that adds some comforting closure through lovely layers of music.

All in all, Parish have impressed with songs that can link to many a mood so it is no doubt you will want to add them to that downhearted day playlist you made the other night. Or in particular, add the tune of Happy Hour to your pre ‘going out’ playlist.

The EP is to be released on December 7th across all streaming services.

Also giving time for you to binge listen before the EP launch night at the Moon Club Cardiff in January (TBC). With support from Finding Aurora.

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