Introducing: Boy Scout Gatsby

19 year old Australian based rapper Boy Scout Gatsby has been quietly yet quickly building up an impressive discography on his Soundcloud account, working with incredibly talented up and coming producers such as Aquinas and Taylor King, while gaining up to 146k plays with the slick and glitchy 1800 Dicaprio and 126k plays on Travel Agency, a far from humble track driven by a pitched down Halsey sample.

With the promise of an album coming in December, Gatsby will be reaching a new level in his career that’ll set him apart from the soundcloud wave. The first single for the album dropped just over two weeks ago titled Sleepy Europa, a calming trap beat drowning in auto tune, with an upbeat instrumental produced by Aquinas. The lyrics of the track describe a recent boost in fame and dealing with being the best in the scene, this prominent theme of flexing money, talent and how well deserved it is is ubiquitous with the young artists portfolio.

And to be honest, it is pretty well deserved. Gatsby’s music is a refreshing take on the scene, the 25 tracks in his discography feel original, incredibly different to one another while managing to bounce off of each other nicely when listening to them, themes can vary from love, heartbreak, drug abuse, mental health, money and fame all under a rap blanket of jaw dropping verses and exciting flows that spice up already fierce instrumentals that tap into trap, emo rock and traditional hip hop elements that when mixed with the artists distinctive vocal delivery and rhyming styles create almost iconic, genre defining tracks. If you’re into any kind of rap, keep an eye on this one.


Words by Sam Harris 


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