Lacuna Bloome release their new single ‘Find Your Way’

Brighton four-piece Lacuna Bloome evoke the prismatic, punch-the-sky jubilance of their hometown with their latest single ‘Find Your Way’.

Supporting Trampolene on their tour earlier this year, matching their anthemic flair, Lacuna Bloome have gone far with the unshakeable confidence in their own musical identity. ‘Find Your Way’ has crisp, chiming guitars and lustrous basslines that recall The Stone Roses, but Lacuna Bloome run far ahead with their fresh vivacity. Every track of theirs lifts you, but‘Find Your Way’ takes you higher than ever before. It’s glorious – glorious in that it’s a young band, making music about the triumph of what it is to be young, which will never fail to resonate with young people.

Words by Sophie Walker

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