Aquinas’ “Bonsai” is rattling the underground.

“shirt designed by me what do you think!! who would be interested if I made more, maybe graphics on them too?”

Introducing the 19 year old, New South Wales based producer, rapper and designer. Aquinas has been slowly rising within the underground scene, closely working with Australian rapper Gatsby, another artist quickly rising in prominence. The artist has once again unleashed his vocals on a new beat. Bonsai is flourishing with a gorgeous piano progression and a decent blend of subtle reverb and refrain to give the track that perfect calm / almost lofi effect. The young rapper’s glittery vocals glide over the track and weave in and out of the instrumental perfectly, seamlessly blending into the hook before breaking out for the verse and leading into the short but aggressive outro.

With Aquinas’ debut album releasing in just under a week, titled boy, new fans have been flooding in and gaining bonsai over 2000 plays on his Soundcloud, the most plays his account has seen on independent projects since the recently deleted track mean!, a track Aquinas also provided fierce vocals for. Along with Bonsai, the producer also has a small series of instrumentals under the name Covert Tapes Vol. 1, featuring DISCO, SWOON, and BLIND DATE. All fully mixed and mastered, the tracks range from downhearted acoustic vibes to a synth fuelled party atmosphere, all with this overarching narrative of love, these beats are heartfelt, dreamy and spacey.

Aquinas’ versatility as an artist is shown through his wide and growing discography, and it’s tracks like Bonsai that showcase such a talent, and especially when paired with his ongoing dedication to his craft is it only more evident that Aquinas is on his way to make a massive impact in the underground, globally. Don’t forget to check out the music video for Bonsai, it visualizes the track perfectly with a warm colour pallet and intriguing narrative. 

Words by Sam Harris

Images courtesy of Aquinas’ Instagram – @aquinaswc

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