Bandicoot – Being Erased/House of Fame REVIEW

Bandicoot are a 4 piece alternative outfit native to Swansea. Since forming way back in 2013, the band have played all over the UK, supporting bands like VANT, Blaenavon and Spring King, with a performance record of nearly 200, the band are slowly but surely rising in prominence.

Their latest release adds to a successful string of singles, a 2 track release featuring the anthem Being Erased and explosive House of Fame. Bandicoot’s vocals from Rhys Underdown have this Morrissey esque quality to it, it’s downhearted, melancholic, youthful but also sounds wise to an extent, and dominates the busy instrumentals effortlessly.

Being Erased is a slow burner that seems to stumble in and out of focus over the 5 minutes it’s on for, one minute it’ll be an explosive fuzz of experimental indie rock, before falling back on itself and drowning in it’s aggressive chord progressions and confused riffs. With that said, the ethereal atmosphere of the track makes up for any criticism I could make, it’s a gorgeous song with an 80s rock vibe. House of Fame is more of an easy going track with subtle progression and fun melodies that evokes some funk qualities. Soulful vocals and rattling percussion lead the track here, before building up to what feels like some sort of indie breakdown, but instead just keeps listeners on their toes for something that sadly isn’t there.

Both tracks are perfectly produced, with a lot of subtle instrumentation that sets themselves apart from the wave of cookie cutter indie bands, with enthralling vocals and some volatile arrangements. Bandicoot are definitely at their best with this release, 2019 will be a huge year for the band.

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Words by Sam Harris

Image courtesy of the band.

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