We are happy to announce that we are linking up with the babes in Scotland and introducing their DIY project, CLUB ALBUM.

“We aim to deliver weekly content, in which 5 of us pick an album each, and we discuss our thoughts on the album and give it a rating. Each week is a mystery to each of us, as we never know what the others are going to pick. Alongside this, we have our semi-regular “Drink & Discuss” segment where we just hit record and let our thoughts flow on whatever topic we want to discuss, outside of music. Rarely serious but often entertaining – or so we’re led to believe”.

With us we have Ewan, Jay, Lewis, Mark & Sam, and this is what they’re about:

Ewan – Coastal boy going through the motions of life by listening to tunes.

Favourite bands/artists: Biffy Clyro, The Xcerts & Bruce Springsteen

Jay – The living, breathing Season 1 Mascot.

He’s no lyin! Favourite bands/artists: Balance and Composure, SZA & Code Orange.

Lewis – Club Album’s resident mosher. Very tall, very Scottish, occasionally pished.

Favourite bands/artists: Nine Inch Nails, Modern Baseball & Deftones.

Mark – The oldest but by no means most mature member of the group. Usually drunk and/or talking about playing with the boys.

Favourite band/artists: Funeral for a Friend, Jimmy Eat World & Devil Sold His Soul

Sam – The English one, talks a lot of shite.

Favourite bands/artists: Alkaline Trio, The Bronx & The Cure

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