Black Honey return with one “for all the bad bitches”


Black Honey have graced the music scene yet again. On Friday the Brighton four piece released new single ‘DIG’ and I’m obsessed with it. They even treated us to a music video with vintage inspired cinematography that look like outtakes from classic films such as Pulp Fiction.



The song was premiered by radio 1 host Huw Stephens and is yet another milestone for the band and what is now their breakthrough year.

The single has a noticeably slower tempo than any of the band’s other released music. However, this doesn’t deteriorate the quality of the song in the slightest. Lead vocalist Izzy is given the chance to show a velvety side to her voice which is normally observed filled with rage.

The band’s underlying western vibe is carried forth in ‘DIG’ through guitarist Chris Ostler’s melancholic riffs throughout. The mood changes as the song draws to a close because what is a Black Honey song without a bit of distortion?

Listen to/watch ‘DIG’ here:


I’m actually on my way to see Black Honey in a matter of hours as they begin their UK tour supporting Royal Blood in Cardiff! Black Honey are said to be incredible live and I cannot wait to witness them!

Tonight is sold out but there are tickets available for other dates here:




Husky Loops unveil new music video for ‘Fading Out’ and unveil UK tour

Husky Loops have unveiled a new music video for single ‘Fading Out’. The band have recently completed a run of shows supporting Placebo and Tigercub and are currently touring Europe with American band ‘Spoon’. Watch the video below:

Husky Loops have become one of the most intriguing and original bands which have sprung up in the past year, bringing passion,haunting vocals, dancey art rock and pulsating guitars and bass which, when all combined sound blisteringly cool. We really tip Husky Loops to succeed in the future. After releasing two impressive EP’s within a year, and supporting two huge bands (Placebo and Spoon), playing incredibly large venues the band seem to be constantly on the rise attracting a large amount of new fans.

Husky Loops unfortunately had to reschedule their uk tour due to the fact the band were supporting Spoon around Europe. However the band have no rescheduled their tour for early next year. You can find all dates and ticket details below.

16/02/18 – Leadmill, Sheffield, UK –
17/02/18 – Sound Basement, Liverpool, UK –
18/02/18 – Crofters Rights, Bristol, UK –
20/02/18 – The Lexington, London, UK –
21/02/18 – Porter’s, Cardiff, UK – FREE ENTRY
22/02/18 – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham, UK –
23/02/18 – Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK –
24/02/18 – The Garage (Attic bar), Glasgow, UK –
26/02/18 – Think Tank, Newcastle, UK  –
27/02/18 – The Chapel, Leeds, UK –
28/02/18 – Joiners, Southampton, UK –

Words by Piran Aston

Headclouds are washing away your winter blues with their new nostalgic summertime single ‘Seen it Before’


sib cover

The fresh on the scene sunshine pop band Headclouds have now released their latest single ‘Seen It Before’, a follow up to ‘Flowers ‘ their hit debut, and the second track to their forthcoming EP ‘Pure Honey’. The Newcastle lot formed at the start of this year, and are already making their mark, supporting the likes of Mercury Prize nominees The Big Moon back in September, and most recently appearing on BBC Radio 1 where they premiered their recent single ‘Seen it Before’. 

‘Seen it Before’ brings about some summertime nostalgia, as its sleazy 60s surf harmonies with fuzzy, lo-fi guitars make it easy to kick back into the summer state of mind, even in cold November.  There are nods to the jangly vibes and styles of 90s indie favorites Teenage Fanclub, Wilco, and Pavement.

Whilst ‘Flowers’ continues to flourish throughout the screens of music blogs, and on the airwaves, the band are now building upon the successes of their debut, with a tour that started in the Windmill Brixton, London on October 25th and has been to Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Manchester, and ended in The Old Blue Last, London on the 10th November.

Their beginning has been strong and with them touring across the UK they are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

You can listen to their new single now on;

Apple Music

Liam Deakin, guitarist of The Clause sits down with us to talk about success and The Pigeon Detectives

 From JAWS to Swim Deep, Birmingham is bursting with exciting and hot new bands – some old too but we can’t forget about the upcoming and as equally hard working bands who are trying to make something for themselves. Liam Deakin, the bassist of The Clause sat down with me to talk about the four piece and how life is “taking off” for them.

Their first single ‘Sixteen’ which I discovered about half a year ago was an angst – lad track in which I had a hunch they were going to be a band that lured in the football hooligans and lads who wear Adidas and trape into a Catfish and The Bottlemen gig, I was wrong. The Clause have been scouted to support Yorkshire’s finest, The Pigeon Detectives for their Birmingham tour date. “They listened to us and wanted us to play for them and it means so much to us as a band – even my mum is excited”. The Pigeon Detectives are an indie-rock band who formed in 2004, they have had successful careers and gone to sell out millions of records; playing alongside them must be very overwhelming and a little hectic for such a small band to be strumming at their guitars and beating the drums to such a large and extensive crowd.

Artists and bands always plan months ahead, even sometimes a year ahead due to tours, albums, and EP’s and The Clause have had to do that. “We were in the studio but it’s going to be knocked down – we’ve paid to start recording in another studio and I think it’s going to be the best and one of the biggest things we have done so far in terms of music and promotion”, because promotion is one of the most important things about getting a band out there, right? Watching bands have confidence as they grow is refreshing and uplifting because they know they aren’t there just yet and they know what pathways and improvements they need to take. The Clause will be recording their new EP soon.

I wanted to know who their influences are, bands who they really look up to and of course one of their favourite bands were The Pigeon Detectives, “I brought their very first album ‘Wait For Me’, I loved it and now look at us” Liam says. “We’re all into 60’s music, punk, Oasis, The Stone Roses and of course, The Twang. We all have different tastes and I think that’s why we come out with such noise and sometimes shit”. There’s now no label in their music, they mix many sounds together to make their music and that’s due to their own personal choices.

With much creativity and desire to carry on up their sleeves, they worry about disappearing off the face of the Earth and no one being able to enjoy their music, “we don’t want to fizzle away – we always want to change, try new things”. Bands like The 1975 have changed their persona and style from their debut and second album which was unexpected, but it kept them relevant. They were spoke about and the press and tabloids couldn’t get enough of them, of course The Clause don’t want to be arses and mix their sound up just to be like The 1975, they want to develop as a band and to connect. Being humble and kind is at the top of their list, “bands like Blossoms are so thankful for their fans – fuck the bands that are rude and don’t take time out for the fans, we don’t want to piss people around. No way”.  Thank God!

I asked Liam if he thought The Clause would ever crack America as fast as Oasis did – the biggest Britpop band in the world and he said “If we end up there, then we end up there, I won’t book a flight just yet!”. America is hard to crack, but if bands and artists do it then they will be successful without a doubt. The Clause are far from it though. They’ve improved and work still needs to be done to crack the UK. They have 10,224 monthly listeners on Spotify and lyrically they have come a long way to be reeling people in with their music. “Shut Me Out was something which was just a random indie tune, we weren’t arsed if it was good or not, we wanted to get our music out some way or another”. We get talking about their new tracks and they already want to take a new approach, “our new tunes are haunting – let’s call them moody tunes” …Sounds spooky.

It’s clear they have chemistry within the band, they all agree on what directions to take and intertwine their personal tastes, “We all like to work together and then that way we all love it at the end of it”. It seems that they look up to their drummer Niall Fennell, “he is an absolute genius, but when I fuck up on stage I can always feel his eyes burning in the back of my head…he hates it”. He’s a musical genius though!

I can’t help but wonder where these lads are going to go and how far they will take this to get where they want to go. With their “haunting and moody” tunes, let’s hope they don’t scare people away!

Photo credit: @ifoughtthelaur

LATE ALBUM REVIEW: Julien Baker – Turn Out The Lights

Turn Out The Lights, the Nashville singer-songwriter’s sophomore album, and Matador Records debut, dropped just over a week ago now – and I decided to sit with the record for a while before delving into a review due to having outrageously high expectations off the back of Baker’s stellar 2015 debut, Sprained Ankle. Sprained Ankle is a record I will always hold very dearly to my heart, thus making me somewhat hesitant at first to listen to Turn Out The Lights (hence the late review). What a mistake that was. Turn Out The Lights is equally as authentic and heart wrenching as Sprained Ankle, if not more so and sees Julien examining her personal faults and insecurities with next to no restrictions. The record takes an unforgettably blistering dive into self doubt, depression and troubled relationships.

While Turn Out The Lights walks a similar path to Sprained Ankle, there’s immediately something about it that’s much more cold and haunting as we’re taken on a rollercoaster ride of catharsis and self-torment.


(image courtesy of DIY Magazine)

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Swedish Death Candy releases fierce new single “Broken Engrams”

Upcoming psych rock legends Swedish Death Candy recently released their fierce single titled “Broken Engrams” in the build up to their debut self titled album poised to release on the 17th of this month, “Broken Engrams” garage rock and psychedelic blend pull influences from Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age to create an enthralling atmosphere jam packed full of wacky space rock mixes and half time breakdowns that keep you on your toes all the way through the 4 minute trip.

And of course the album is no different, with the first three tracks “Last Dream”, “Broken Engrams” and “Love You Already” being ridiculously energetic and fast paced, to The Beatles style infused “Avalanche” chock full of trippy synths and reverb drowned vocals beautifully capturing the story of the track and aura around it, “Avalanche” is about saving people from an avalanche in the alps, an experience lead singer Louis Perry actually lived through.

Tracks like “When All is Gone” is a more of an American style classical rock track lead by a soothing riff and calm vocals, expertly crafted so that even amongst the chaos of the previous 4 tracks the song still fits perfectly in the adrenaline fuelled atmosphere.

“Liquorice”, a track from the band’s first ep, makes a return in the sequel track “Liquorice (parts 2 & 3)” in the final song of the debut, it’s the longest and definitely the most ambitious, and really sums up the band. It’s fiery riffs and atmosphere drenched soundscapes make the song feel more like an anthem than anything else, and will a eerie fade out ending the album it’s clear that Swedish Death Candy aren’t messing around.

Keep an eye on this group, the album is set to release on the 17th, and you can pre order it here –

Words by Sam Harris, featured image courtesy of Neil Cooper.

Perfume Genius – Gorilla, Manchester Live Review

On Friday 3rd November i found myself with nothing to do, so I headed down to Gorilla with the aim of finding a ticket for Perfume Genius’ show that night, and what a decision it was.

Mike Hadreas, the Seattle born singer songwriter known as Perfume Genius, performed to a packed out Gorilla on Friday night and brought flair, passion and sedative dance moves with him. It was a set that id been dying to see having not being able to travel to End Of The Road, and having been told that he was an act to defiantly catch live.

Support on the night came from Julianna Barwick, a Brooklyn based solo artist who unifies piano and synths to create a stunning, washed out, airy sound. Her set provided a wonderful start to the evening with her Glorious piano looping techniques and reverb heavy vocals drifting through the air. Not to mention the stunning and abstract visuals that were displayed via a projector behind her.

Perfume Genius opened the night with the subtle, yet vigorous sounding ‘Otherside’, the first track from his new critically acclaimed album ‘No Shape’. The bursting and euphoric synths and chimes, fading instantly into a calming and soothing piano, created that euphoric impression that Mike Hadreas presents in his music. This was followed by the 80’s synth infused ‘Longpig’ my personal favourite track from the artist. The epic sounding track which sounds like it has been ripped from a Stranger Things soundtrack ripped through the venue like a crack appearing from another dimension. Its sound was piercing yet electrifying.

‘Fool’, ‘Go Ahead’ and ‘Grid’ added funk and groove to the set, with Mike prancing around the stage performing in a vest top and pattern trousers. He just seemed to glide across the stage, with his sedative and elegant dancing which grabbed the audience as if he was controlling them.

‘My Body’ was another particular highlight with the crowd erupting into cheers when the opening bass riff was played. Mike Hadreas groaned stupendous over the erotic and creepy synths and bass lines. His vocals seeming to puncture the track.

His main set concluded with the lead single from his latest record, ‘Slip Away’. This added large touches of euphoria and joy with the crowd belting the lyrics back at Mike and his band. Strobe lights greeted the eyes of the joyful crowd as the crashing synth break swept in. It was a completely euphoric and enjoyable moment to see one of my favourite tracks of the year performed live.

The encore began with a soft and subtle start, ‘Alan’ was played to a crowd who were completely silent, watching Mike (who was alone on stage) perform a touching, and below track which will hit the toughest persons heart. It was a moment that everyone appreciated as Mike sang the lines “Im here, How weird”. The night was closed to fan favourite, glam rock, power ballad ‘Queen’, with its heavy drum led beats causing the crowd to erupt into cheers. The chiming pianos made a large impact throughout the track which served as a wonderful set closer.

Perfume Genius has not only provided us with one if the best albums of the year, but also with a sound that sticks to you forever. His gorgeous lyrics, and his effortless stage presence provided me with a night that will live long in the memory.

Perfume Genius played:

  • Otherside
  • Longpig
  • Fool
  • Wreath
  • Just Like Love
  • Go ahead
  • Valley
  • Normals Song
  • Dark Parts
  • Every Night
  • Bodys in Trouble
  • Grid
  • My Body
  • Run me through
  • Die 4 You
  • Slip Away
  • (Encoure)
  • Alan
  • Learning
  • Mr Paterson
  • Hood
  • Queen.

Words by Piran Aston

Sunflower Bean plot a psychedelic love story with new single, ‘I Was A Fool’, announce UK headline tour for 2018

They’re baaaaaaaaack! Fabricating gauzy indie-rock beneath a rose-tinted filter of ’60’s psychedelia and classic rock and roll, Brooklyn trio Sunflower Bean have this week announced their return to music, sharing a video for new single ‘I Was A Fool’, their first since signing to independent NYC based label, Mom + Pop Music, already home to many a LIH favourite, including Hinds, and Courtney Barnett.

(Image courtesy of Poppy Marriott for Dork Magazine)

Cutting through the hard-hitting psych-rock haze and motorik rhythms that once befogged their earliest works, ‘I Was A Fool’ allows singer Julia Cumming’s vocals to truly shine; early comparisons to one Stevie Nicks would not appear too out of place. The 21-year old’s vocal chemistry with guitarist (and part-time Dylan lookalike) Nick Kivlen remains for all to see, the duo often sharing the mic, and lyrical duties on Sunflower Bean’s outstanding 2016 debut album ‘Human Ceremony’. Kivlen’s subdued guitar licks here play second to a bouncier bassline, later cutting loose toward the bridge as they mingle, skittishly with Julia’s sweet vocal ad-libs. The trio have also shared a new prom-inspired video for the song, which is available to view now on Apple Music, watch an official teaser for the video below.

“‘I Was A Fool’ is one of those songs that seemingly crept up from nowhere and into our practice space,” explained Kivlen in a recent statement, “I think this song is a good example of how we’ve grown as a band, while still staying true to the band that first played together back in high school.” Sunflower Bean have an upcoming tour in both North America and Europe, including a run of MA-HOO-SIVE support slots alongside Wolf Alice this month, however the group have also plotted a string of UK headline dates next spring. Tickets  for these shows go on sale this Friday (10/11), full list of dates below. Listen to ‘I Was A Fool’ below.

Sunflower Bean, UK Tour Dates, 2018

March 2018
24/3 Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
26/3 Norwich - Open Norwich
27/3 Birmingham - Hare & Hounds
28/3 Newcastle - Riverside
29/3 Leeds - The Wardrobe
30/3 Manchester - Gorilla
31/3 Liverpool - Magnet

April 2018 
01/4 Glasgow - Stereo
03/4 Bristol - Thekla
05/4 Brighton - Concorde 2
06/4 London - KOKO

Words by Joe Bulger

Featured image courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp page

The Golden Age: DEAD!

After cramming themselves into one of the last standing venues of Cardiff, amongst others bands represented by This Feeling such as Trampolene, North Parade and Local Enemy, Dead! Were definitely the ones with the darker determination of putting on a great gig.

Having travelled all the way from their new home-share in London, the band had upon them to play their brand new single The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying which was delivered delightfully. Along with other much enjoyed singles Enough! Enough! Enough! And You’re So Cheap. All electrifying and energetic after more mellower sets from the lads of North Parade and Local Enemy.

Front man Alex squeezed the microphone as he screamed lyrics of Something More Original and the rest of their band tirelessly treated that with serious sound. They definitely set the stage for Trampolene despite only an approximate thirty minute set, they managed to cram in the songs which made impact and I can assure plenty of people will be turning up to their headline gig just over the road in Clwb iFor Bach in February 2018.

A band who, in contradiction of their single’s title, have tried tremendously for themselves. From printing their own merch to non stop touring for about eighteen months and putting into their upcoming album of January, ‘blood, sweat, arguments, defining moments and some of the best and worst times’ of their lives.

Here at the blog we’re all about enhancing upcoming bands and I cannot urge to you enough to jump on The Golden Age of DEAD! Myself and the blog will be following their footsteps… February awaits.




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Wed 20 Southampton Joiners
Sat 27 Leeds Key Club
Mon 29 Manchester Star & Garter
Tue 30 Glasgow Garage Attic Bar
Wed 31 Birmingham Flapper
Thu 01 London 100 Club
Fri 02 Guildford Boiler Room
Sun 04 Bedford Esquires
Mon 05 Cambridge Portland Arms
Fri 09 Nottingham Bodega
Sat 10 Sheffield Record Junkee
Sun 11 Hull Polar Bear
Mon 12 Newcastle Think Tank
Wed 14 Edinburgh Opium
Mon 19 Oxford Cellar
Tue 20 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach
Wed 21 Bristol Louisiana
Thu 22 Plymouth Junction

3 Tracks We Love From 3 Bands We Love

We here at LIH have always had a penchant for small bands, doing their own thing, making their own way into the industry and the ears of fans. We hold them close to our hearts and value their musical efforts highly.

This week we are showcasing three wonderful tracks from three wonderful bands who we love and believe are on their way to making it big within the alternative music scene.

Munchie Magic – Pink Kink

Lyrics revolving around sexual desire and junk food, it’s a filthy, fun, flirty track that immediately demands your attention. Their punchy, fun, surf inspired guitars licks will bring a smile onto your face and make you want to dance along. Their loud, shrieking vocals amplify the fun atmosphere within the track, hyping you up as you listen and adding to the records quirkiness on the whole. It’s a short and undeniably sweet track, gripping you from the very first second.


Hotel Lux – The Last Hangman

The Last Hangman is a dark, grimy track dedicated to Albert Pierrpoint, Britain’s final executioner. Lead singer, Lewis Duffin’s harsh yet clear spoken word’s clarity emphasises the power of the bleak, jarring lyricism, causing you to contemplate and consider them and learn about the man himself and his abominable actions. The guitar lines are short and snappy, amplifying the dramatic, intense atmosphere created within the track. The track is shocking and demands for your attention, dragging you from thinking of anything else and filling your mind with the desolate melancholy atmosphere.


The Orielles – Let Your Dog Tooth Grow

The Orielles return with a track ready to make you want to dance around your house Ferris Buller style. It’s fun, cheery and upbeat guitar melody complements the joyful, happy lyrics, its light and reminds you to be free and let go of any life worries. The chorus is blistering, blinding and exciting, displaying the bands sheer melodic skill. The break in the track further reveals this as they mix in synths, creating an intense atmosphere in which different guitar lines are played and build above each other, constructing the song, filling it and making it thicker in quality. Conflicting male and females voices sing alongside each other at moments within the track, their distorted quality sticks to the iconic sound of The Orielles we all know and love.